Hall Probe

Gaussmeter with rechargeable battery
Hall probes for measuring the magnetic field in ranges from 0...2 Tesla or 0..20 kA/m

Typical Application-fields:
research and development, laboratory, production

The Gaussmeter H1 is a well-priced, elektronic measuring hand-held unit with digital display.
You can attach three different types of probes:
1. transversal probe HS-T 301 dimensions: 70 mm x 5 mm x 1,3 mm (measurement of fields, angular to the probe axis)
2. transversal probe HS-T 601 dimensions: 70 mm x 5 mm x 0,8 mm (measurement of fields, rectangular to the probe axis)
3. axial probe HS-A 301 dimensions: 70 mm x 6 mm (measurement of fields, unidirectional to the probe axis)

Probes with special dimensions according to customer-specifications are available on request. At the top of the probe you will find an integrated Hall generator with an active area of < 1 mm², which produces a voltage proportional to the magnetic field intensity. This voltage is amplified by an operational amplifier and shown on the digital display. The displayed unit is Millitesla (mT), but can be switched to kA/m. On the front you find two trimmers for adjusting the zero point and calibrating the device.

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