Typical Applications

Sensors & Automotive

  • Magnets for cam / crankshaft sensors
  • Magnets for speed sensors
  • Magnets for counters
  • Magnets for speedometers
  • Magnets for ABS sensors
  • Magnets for angle sensors
  • Float switch magnets
  • Level indicator magnets
  • Magnets for ignition coils
  • Encoder magnets for reed contacts
  • Sensor magnets for position determination in hydraulic cylinders
  • Magnets for flowmeters 
  • Magnets for switches (based on temperature, pressure, speed)
  • Magnets for door locking systems

Mechanical Engineering

  • all types of Bargrips and Flatgrips 
  • magnets for transportation
  • magnets for filtration and separation
  • solenoids
  • magnets for locking screws
  • heet metal spreading magnets
  • floaters


Motors & Generators

  • Magnets for stepping motors
  • Magnets for micro motors
  • Magnets for elevator motors
  • Magnets for pump motors
  • Magnets for generators
  • Magnets for linear motors
  • Magnets for disc motors
  • Encodermagnets  (radial or axial)


  • magnets for FI-breakers
  • magnets for bistable relays
  • magnets for non-contacting switching (Hall or Reed)



  • T-yoke magnets for loudspeakers (ferrite and NdFeB)
  • magnetsystems for dynamic microphones
  • AlNiCo magnets for high-quality guitar picks


Office Sales & workshop

  • decorative magnets with hooks or eyes
  • magnetic tapes
  • magnetic sheets
  • magnetic angle for welding work
  • magnets for sheet metal transport
  • magnets for collecting small parts
  • switchable prism magnets