Adhesive Magnets with electric switch-off

The permanent magnetic system of this type of adhesive magnet generates a magnetic field between the centre pole and the external edge of the adhesive surface. A coil is installed next to the permanent magnet which generates the adhesive power. When applying a voltage of 24V= a counterpole magnetic field is generated for the neutralzation of the permanent magnetic field. In this way workpieces can be removed easily. These adhesive magnets are preferably used when long static periods are required and workpieces are to be removed by turning on the switch-off coil at short intervals.

Fastening by reverse tapping, please pay attention to the depth of thread. For level fitting in steel housing a capsule of nonmagnetic material, e.g. brass, should be provided. Alternatively let the adhesice surface poke out of the housing (side depth of capsule according to the depth of the exterior pole)

This adhesive magnets are designed for a 25% ED switch-on-time with a (free) play period of < 2 min. or 40% ED at < 0,5 min. By sticking to the switch-on-time the maximum remaining adhesive power is 3% of the actual adhesive power. During continous operation no thermal overload will occur, but an intensification of the remaining adhesive power. In order to increase the adhesive power, the coil can briefly be integrated by inverting the electric polarity.

Operational voltage of the switch-off-coil:
24V= +5% -10%
Connection by loose wire-ends for switching-off: red +/ blue -

Protective Description:
IP 65 according to DIN 40 050

Isolation Material Group: E

Usage temperature:
max. +80°C

List of Types

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