Magnets of Hard Ferrite (HF)

Hard ferrite is well-priced magnetic material, which can be used in temperatures up to 180°C. Because of its good magnetical and mechanical stability it has a large field of applications. For example adhesive systems, speaker systems, electric motors or sensor probes. Hard ferrite is to be pressed and sintered. A later machining is practicable by the use of grinding, diamond tools, lasers and water jets.


from ø 8 mm to ø 185 mm


from ø 4 mm to ø 90 mm


from 1,2 mm to 150 mm

special designs

according to your requirements

We will give you advice for choosing the right material as well as in optimizing your application. This will reduce costs and increase your market position.

Physical and chemical characteristics

Permeability: 1,05 - 1,3
Curie-temperature:  450 °C
Temp. Coefficient Br [°C-1] -0,20% 0 - 100 °C
Temp. Coefficient HcJ [°C-1] 0,40% 0 - 100 °C
Density  4,7 - 4,9 g/cm³
Electric resistance  > 104 Ohm x cm
Extension Coefficient [°C-1] 7 - 15 E-6
Vickers hardness : HV ca. 480 - 580


Magnets of Hard Ferrite are nontoxic and do not pollute the environment. 
Like all ceramic materials Hard Ferrite is very resistant against chemicals. Primarily it is attacked by concentrated inorganic acids, depending on temperature and contact duration.

Technical Details



Energy product

Coercivity Field Intensity*

max. working -


Br [mT]


HcB [kA/m]

HcJ [kA/m]

temperature [°C]







HF20/1932020 kJ/m³170190250
HF20/2831020 kJ/m³220280250
HF22/3035022 kJ/m³255290250
HF24/1635024 kJ/m³155160250
HF24/2335024 kJ/m³220230250
HF24/3536024 kJ/m³260350250
HF26/1637026 kJ/m³155160250
HF26/1837026 kJ/m³175180250
HF26/2437026 kJ/m³230240250
HF26/2637026 kJ/m³230260250
HF26/3038526 kJ/m³260300250
HF28/2638528 kJ/m³250260250
HF28/2838528 kJ/m³260280250
HF30/2639530 kJ/m³250260250
HF32/1741032 kJ/m³160165250
HF32/2241032 kJ/m³215220250
HF32/2541032 kJ/m³240250250

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