Magnetic Separator Rods

Magnetic seperator rods are are used for removing ferromagnetic contamination as steel grit, swarf or abrasive residues from liquids, granulates, powder or viscous media.

food industry, synthetic granules, animal feed production, cleaning of cooling liquids.

According to your application we can offer two different variations:
- a cheaper design using anisotropic magnets of hard ferrite for the seperation of rough parts like screws and nuts. The magnetic flux density of this design is up to 0,2 Tesla at the rod surface. The maximum working temperatur is 150 °C .
- a superior magnetic design using high performance magnets. Because of its higher magnetic flux density at the rod surface (up to 0,9 Tesla) very fine pieces like abrasive residues and swarf are caught. The standard maximum working temperature is 80 °C. (Seperator Rods for higher temperatures are available on request)


Both designs are equipped with a stainless stell wrapper, 1.4301, 1.4404 oder 1.4571 and therefore suitable for the usage in food industry.
Available diameters are 23, 25, 32 and 40 mm, the length is up to 1000 mm according to your needs. The rods can be equipped with inner or outer threads, usually M6 oder M8.

We are able to supply seperator rods or grids for nearly any application. Please ask for our advice.

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