Magnetization Technique

Nowadays magnetization of magnetic material is done by modern pulse magnetization devices. Deutsche Techna has got several of these powerful devices in use, to reach an optimal magnetization with guaranteed saturation without any problems.

A magnetization of the complete magnetic system is essential, especially for a system made of low coercive material as e.g. AlNiCo. Only in this way the full performance of the magnet is reached. The same is to systems which are difficult to be assembled because of their very high adhesive power.

By use of our available devices we are able to magnetize e.g. magnets of NdFeB or SmCo with diameters up to 100 mm in an axial way. Magnets of Hard Ferrite with a maximum edge length of 150 mm or a diameter of 150 mm can be magnetized either. In addition special devices for radial and multipole magnetization are available.

Typical magnetization field intensity:
• AlNiCo  200 - 600kA/m
• Ferrite  1000- 1700 kA/m
• NdFeB  2000-  4000 kA/m
• SmCo5  2000 - 3000 kA/m
• Sm2Co17 3500- 5000 kA/m

In addition to magnetization these devices can be used for attenuation, changing of polarity or demagnetization. If our available devices are suitable for your application should be discussed individually with one of our staff members.

You are interested in a magnetization system for your own production facilities? Please ask for our advice.