Organization Magnets

Powerful adhesive magnets of synthetic material with elegant top, ideal for holding sheets of paper or for labelling.
Round, rectangular and squared organization magnets are available from stock. The round types are available in diameters from ø 10 mm to ø 36 mm.
Available colors: black, white, yellow, red, green, blue, grey, turquoise, pink and violet.
Our organization magnets are suitable to be printed in silk-screen process according to your requirements, eg for advertising purposes.
Please ask for you special shape or size.

Type overview

Size [mm]
Height [mm]
OM 10ø 106,5round
OM16ø 167,0round
OM20ø 207,0round
OM 25ø 258,5round
OM 30 ø 307,0round
OM 35ø 359,0round
OMK 34ø 3414,0round
OM 2213 x 227,0rectangular
OM 3622 x 367,0rectangular
OM 5555 x 228,5rectangular
OM25x1425 x 148,0rectangular
OM 35x3535 x 359,0rectangular

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